The challenge
About Audible
Audible brings storytelling to life like never before. Thanks to the world’s largest
selection of audiobooks and original podcasts, you can download thousands
of titles, from best sellers and documentaries to crime, fantasy and sci-fi.
Learn something new on your commute, get lost in a thriller while you cook or
have a eureka moment at the gym. Forget swiping and scrolling – this is time
well spent.
High-level goals
1. Level up 
Craft a new creative vision that fosters strong design, clearer value proposition and improve the overall customer experience.

2. Grow 
Increase brand reputation and brand awareness by driving engagement and new member conversion.
3. Content 
Improve overall customer satisfaction by reimagining the path to Audible's content offering, help customers find that first great listen—Let the content do the talking.
My role
1. Research/User testing
2. Define new design goals
3. Ideation
5. Moodboards
4. Prototyping
5. User interface & experience
Design Process
Back in 2020, a group of us got together to dig into a tricky question: The Audible homepage experience wasn't looking and performing the way we needed it to any more. How can we level up the quality and performance of our website? After a deep analysis of the various touch points and user flows by way of sprints, user testing, competitor deep dives and performance metrics, we identified three main problem areas:
Not inspring
Users agreed that the current experience was exciting enough, "boring" was mentioned more than once.

Value proposition
Users didn't get it, they didn't understand the who, the what and the why.

There was not enough of it, Audible has such a big product offering and users wanted to see more of it.

In short, the old experience needed a refresh.

So, I turned my attention to concepting, focusing on visual hierarchy and information architecture making sure to help users navigate through the experience with minimal effort and cognitive load.
After this, I switched gears and moved on to production mode, designing the new experience using design principles such as simplicity, contrast, consistancy, hierarchy, typography, accessibility, negative space... yada, yada. I won't bore you with the rest.
All of that went into a giant mixing bowl, and I stirred it for a week or two, and came up with first draft of the new experience, shared it with our leadership team, and did some fine-tuning after another round of user testing. 
And voilà! Our new Audible experience were born.
The Solution
Final Concepts
The goal of this project was to create a system that made the value proposition easier to understand at a glance, create a cohesive visual system, and accompanying style guide. The system was used throughout various touch points such as the dot, in-app, marketing, and paid ads.  In the end with the best parts of Audible's visual identity and design systems on display you can't help but be swept up into the world of Audible and it's amazing products.

Audible’s founder loved it. Customers, internal teams and agencies, among others, loved it. Twitter loved it. But the best response of all was from my then 4 year old daughter who said, “that looks cool daddy.”
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