The challenge
About The Great Game
Audible and Amazon present the first-ever Alexa-enabled interactive murder mystery. The groundbreaking fully immersive experienceblends rich sound-design, an original score, captivating artwork and perhaps one of the best cast ever assembled in audio. It’s time to don your deerstalker and be transported to a world that re-writes the rules of audio and visual entertainment the way that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle defined the mystery novel.

Choose-your-own-adventure, help lead Holmes and Watson along a winding path of intrigue, subterfuge and, often, mayhem. Look for clues and help shape the investigation to its final and murderous conclusion by selecting one of a number of multiple choice options at key moments in the story. Your decisions will guide you to one of many possible endings but only one will solve the mystery.

Fun Fact: As of November 2018, Amazon had more than 10,000 employees working on Alexa and related products. In January 2019, Amazon's devices team announced that they had sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices.
High-level goals
1. Engagement 
Increase engagement, and grow awareness of Audible her latest release, and new member acquisitions and total audiobook unit sales.

2. Awareness 
Take into account how to reflect the overarching KL Slater brand and to find symbiosis with the Audible brand.

3. Traffic 
Take into account how to reflect the overarching KL Slater brand and to find symbiosis with the Audible brand.
My role
1. Storyboarding
2. Art direction
3. User Interface & experience
4. Animation
5.Motion graphics
6. Title artwork
7. Media assets
Design Process
"Hey Alexa, start the Great Game.”
The fun part of working on this great game—excuse the pun—was that I'd not only get to showcase my creative vision to millions of people across the world but that I'd also get the opportunity to work with teams and disciplines I wouldn't ordinarily work with and learn so much cool stuff along the way.

It goes without saying that both Amazon and Audible had big ambitions for this game, it had to not only look and sound good but above all had to be fun to play! Otherwise what's the point, right? When we embarked on this 18 month epic journey we didn't have a story, and we didn't have a look and feel and we definitely didn't know if it was even possible given that the Alexa functionality to pull this off was still in private beta and so slightly unproven. This included In Skill Purchasing for monetisation of content, and a Skill Connections API that let users move seamlessly between Audible’s Alexa experiences. So what did you have I hear you ask? Well on the face of it not a lot, but what we did have was the people, the brains and a super charged drive to flick the switch and bring this monster to life.

There's nothing quite like an ambitious deadline to get heart's racing. We were on a time crunch, the deadline was set and there was no moving it. We moved quickly, got all the relevant teams in a room, laid out Post-its and Sharpies and rallied around the problem, generated ideas, and designed a vision for the future. This lead to a series of ideation workshops. We worked in two-week design and development sprints, alongside user testing and research sessions. We wrote scripts, mapped user journeys, reward systems, worked on storyboards and at some point I was let loose to craft the creative vision for the game. Fully adopting a look and feel can take time, but finally, I landed on something spectacular which was evolved into a rich, mapped-out visual experience, before we moved into rapid prototyping.

Next, we knew that users would engage and interact with the game on many different devices and that meant a consistent user experience was going to be key for success. We made sure that the user experience and adaptation was as seamless and fluent as possible to build that all important trust and consistency users would demand. We also considered a broader range of usability needs improves the experience for everyone so shifted into scalablity mode, ensuring the experience was replicated seamlessly across different devices and for different audiences.

Projects like these require a huge amount of cross-discipline alignment and collaboration. This project was heavily dependent on technical constraints and was not without its challenges in design, experimentation and engineering. Working with Amazon engineers was one of the most rewarding parts of the process, as everything started to come together. I learned something new about the build capabilities and I got involved in technical solutions to solve visual challenges. But with strong leadership and collaboration in the end we achieved our goal and finally set our game free out in to the world. After that we made a few tweaks and refinements here and there based on real qualitative feedback and quantitative data but for the most part the game remained largely the same.
The Solution
The Game
Phew! So there you have it, a little snapshot of how I designed and buildt this one of a kind game and to top it off the launch campaign was highly awarded, and also drove an increase of 53% in propensity to trial, taking The Great Game to its highest ever position in the download charts. It also drove a positive impact on perceptions of the overall Audible brand, too: improving brand metrics by 10%. All in all it's a genuinely amazing looking game I am proud to have been apart of.
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