The challenge
About KL Slater
KL Slater is the number one bestselling author of nineteen psychological crime thrillers. She has sold over two million copies of her books worldwide.
High-level goals
1. Engagement 
Maximise visibility & drive user engagement with the KL Slater series of audiobooks on Audible, while simultaneously driving awareness of her latest release, and new member acquisitions and total audiobook unit sales.

2. Traffic
Increase organic traffic to Audible and grow new member acquisition
3. Revenue 
Drive revenue and new unit sales.
My role
1. Project kick off
2. Exploration
3. Ideation
4. Define project goals
5. Build
6. Collaboration
Design Process
Back in February marked the first official launch of the KL Slater series of Audible Originals, and like all high profile launches of this kind, it came with a large media spend and some very ambitious targets, the campaign would live across web, mobile and traditional media like out-of-home. The launch needed to drive sales for the KL Slater series of audiobooks, while offering a unique opportunity for broader brand re-appraisal.

Like every brief, I approached this one thoughtfully, careful consideration would have to be given to KL Slater's very recognisable brand elements: leveraging creative photography, color, font and language. The challenge would be to design an experience that seamlessly blended brand and product in a way that looked cohesive but also visually captured the attitude and personality of the audiobooks.

Effectively scaling and extending the campaign into the various surfaces would be another challenge. As a side note, I’ve noticed throughout my career that the art of designing for scale can be problematic within companies that work out of an agency model and where designers work in isolation or silos

Anyway, during the workshops, I collaborated with the Author, Copy Writer & Content Marketing, we defined three themes to guide creative explorations:

→ Contextual
Keep in mind who the target audience and the recognised—look and feel—of this genre.

→ Simple
Users should be able to stop, dwell, and decide that the content is interesting, easily.

→ Engaging
Creative should inspire and drive action.

From there I began to analyse and draw inspiration from competitor insights, which formed the basis a moodboard with the goal of conveying the general emotions, aesthetic, color scheme and sample type choices I hoped to evoke within the campaign. I pitched the board to team who turned out to be totally onboard with my creative vision. From here I switched gears to production mode, designing the mock ups considering some of the usual design principles such as emphais, contrast, balance,proportion, hierarchy, simplicity, negative space to name a few.

Once the mock ups were ready, I got in a room with eveyone and solicated feedback in order to understand the experience gaps

The Solution
The final package
The campaign was highly effective, with KL Slater’s unit sales hitting record levels well above target.
We drove high level of consideration for the new KL Slater series of audiobooks, surpassing our targets, amongst both current and prospect segments.
We achieved a record uplift in key brand metrics – with a 4% uplift in brand quality associations and an 8% uplift in overall brand consideration during the campaign.
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