The challenge
About Audible Originals
Audible originals are a category of audio content that is only available on Audible. It includes audiobooks and podcasts, ranging from all genres of fiction to nonfiction and courses. You can find something to suit every taste, and all of these audiobooks and podcasts are produced by professional voice actors, mainstream actors and sound engineers. Unlike traditional audiobooks, which are typically recorded versions of previously published books, many Audible Originals have a large production budget and are created specifically for the audio format. That means the script is prepared to include elements like music and sound effects that enhance the listening experience.
High-level goals
1. Drive engagement 
Drive user engagement and awareness of Audible and promote the Audible Original content offering.

2. Revenue 
Drive revenue and new unit sales.

My role
1. Research
2. Image retouching
3. Typography
4. Brainstorming
5. Design sprints
6. Creative direction
7. Pitching
8. Design
Design Process
Every day, millions of people around the globe open Audible, looking for something to listen to. How we listen — and what we listen to — varies all over the world, from country to country, culture to culture, and person to person. Therefore, what people see when they open Audible plays an crucial role in the choices they make.

A great story might stay with us for a long time but, often, its cover does too. We all know the famous saying, 'don’t judge a book by its cover.’ But most of us know that we do, we judge books by their covers all the time. Covers can be a swift way to signal genre, but the good ones do more than that. They give face to a title’s personality, they’re what will make you choose it in the first place, then keep it in your library to remind you what it meant to you.

When we're evaluating choices, looking for something that resonates with us, we anaylyse everything about a cover – the font, the images, the colours – those subtle cues to tell us something about what we can expect to find, or not, inside. "Is this audiobook the right fit for me?" This might be the question that determines if the audiobook is for you, and in the long run, if Audible is for you.

Okay, we get it, covers are important but how did you go about designing them?

Well, it’s a creative process, and any creative process takes time and a lot of work. But it’s worth it — covers (whether it’s an audiobook, a podcast, or a Audible Original) are so very important to making a good experience for customers. Its all about finding the right idea, this usually comes after and sometimes during that all important discovery phase of a project. During this phase I usually collaborate with all stakeholders (authors, publishers, content creators and content marketing) to discuss the brief, understand the material, read some of the manuscript and bounce around some creative ideas.

After that research is your friend. I trawl through countless of the gendre's bestselling books, explore typograhy options, colours, unique compositions and layouts seeking inspiration. Once i've settled on a creative vision its a good idea to get stakeholders on aboard and that's where a moodboard comes in handy. 

A great cover is generally made of a few key elements:

•A clear title and subtitle
•An attention-grabbing focal point
•A strong composition with non-distracting details
•Intriguing visual elements
•Good use of white space
•A concept or scene from the book

Next steps! Ideally, you come out of this process with that perfect cover and can walk away from it all patting yourself on the back. But in all honesty, that rarely happens. It’s hard to get consensus on a single cover, everyone wants (and should have) input on the cover. But we always get there, close collaboration is key.
The Solution
Final Concept
Creating the artwork for Audible's flagship product can be a lot of hard work and frustating at times but it’s worth it, after all there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your work infront of millions of people—its the holly grail for any desinger.
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