The challenge
About Audible
Audible brings storytelling to life like never before. Thanks to the world’s largest
selection of audiobooks and original podcasts, you can download thousands
of titles, from best sellers and documentaries to crime, fantasy and sci-fi.
Learn something new on your commute, get lost in a thriller while you cook or
have a eureka moment at the gym. Forget swiping and scrolling – this is time
well spent.
High-level goals
1. Unify 
Create a visual system that accurately reflects the soul of the UK Audible brand, and that can extend across all touchpoints — from product, to communications, to environments, to full-scale digital ecosystems.
2. Consistancy 
Develop a consistent brand architecture that is flexible and adaptable, and optimise the Audible customer experience at every step of their journey.
My role
1. Research & Insights
2. Design & Build
3. Rollout
Design Process
​​​​​​​In 2020 and 2021, Audible began to play a much bigger role in the global digital space, brand awareness and consideratioon was at an all time high. Audible's brand extended to websites, mobile, social media, events and traditional media. That year, we stood back, took a hard look around, and realized something: Inconsistency. We realised that our assets were being created by not only our designers, 3rd party vendors, freelancers and even by channel owners, their interpretation of our brand was a bit, um, how do I put this? A bit relaxed. Our goal was clear: Unify the Audible brand. Provide teams with a clear set of rules and strong design direction and build a system that was not only flexible, but that could scale while still representing our brand identity in a consistent, recocnisable way.

Before jumping into fix-it mode, I set out to build consus among business leaders to the scale of the problem and define a way forward. Saturated with perspectives, viewpoints, and (ahem) opinions, I started exploring. I partnered with various business groups to ensure I built the most comprehensive picture of our UK brand and its DNA using our data sets. After that I switched gears and turned my attention to building our new design system.

Next up, I presented my ideas and refined the final design system. I wanted to go even further so I also hosted workshops with our our designers, channel owners, 3rd party vendors and freelancers to let them know about the changes we made and how to find the tools to put the new design system into action. ​​​​​​​
The Solution
A Shared Design System
So there you have it, Audible UK's first brand guidelines. The resulting PDF covered rules for design, type, illustration, photography, compliance and much more!  Once fully rolled out not only did users seem to love it— the metrics told us so—but we had a shiny new brand experience that could flex and adapt across all touch points and still look like Audible.
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