The challenge
About Audible
Audible brings storytelling to life like never before. Thanks to the world’s largest
selection of audiobooks and original podcasts, you can download thousands
of titles, from best sellers and documentaries to crime, fantasy and sci-fi.
Learn something new on your commute, get lost in a thriller while you cook or
have a eureka moment at the gym. Forget swiping and scrolling – this is time
well spent.
High-level goals
1. Revenue 
Drive member converison & revenue sales.
2. Awareness 
Drive discovery and consideration.
3. Traffic 
Help grow the business by driving to

4. Promote 
Drive discovery of new titles.
My role
1. Customers Insights & Ideation
2. Co-built the Project Vision & Scope
3. UX /UI
4. Creative Direction
5. Visual Design
6. Development
7. Build / Rollout
Design Process
"Make it memorable, make it relevent, make them curios, keep them loyal."
Let's face it — it's a jungle out there. Not only is your brand competing with other brands, but you're operating in a world teeming with other content distractions, the potential to enagege with your target audience and make that coveted sale can be a tricky business. It's no secret that audience targeting tools help brands connect with people based on their interests, moods, and moments relevant for them, and the more people who are aware of your brand, the more potential sales you stand to get, right? But these days simply making a sale isn't enough, you have to build your brand, too.

Whether it's your first-time designing an ad or you’ve been making ads for a while, the first step toward capitalising on this creative opportunity is to leverage the strength of your brands identity and use it to create a great ad experience that is honest and consistent across the entire user journey. Brand identity falls at the very top of my "design funnel", meaning it's one of the first steps towards introducing the audience to your brand and its products.

Now that we have built that connection, the key is to make it positive by crafting messages that match the moment, value proposition and core messaging. The most effective ads tell a story, I like to keep things casual like they're learing about your product from a friend, I aim for as few words as possible, less if more, and I aim to be as clear as day about what I want the audience to do by driving action.
The Solution
Hitting the Sweet Spot
When it comes to conceptualising a compelling ad experience while working with established brand systems—communicating what an effective ad is— is a big part of what I do, a super superpower if you will. I've lost count of how many ads I've created that hit that metric sweet spot over the course of my carrer, here’s just a few that did just that:
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